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MAZ Tour


  • TOUR CODE: MAZ 017


  • Duration: 11 Nights/ 12 Days

  • Transport: By Car

Located north of Gondar along the road to Axum, the Semien Mountains offer a unique wonderful sight: high peaks and deep gorges, valleys and rivers, golden barley fields as far as the eye can see. The highest mountain (4439 meters) is Ras Dejen, but a lot of the peaks are above 4000 meters. Only a few roads on the Semien Mountains are practicable by car, but the entire area is crossed by tracks used by locals to travel from village to village or to lead their animals to pasture. This makes it the ideal place for trekking. You can walk for days on and along easy paths, occasionally passing through villages amid breath-taking views, frequently encountering colonies of ‘Gelada baboons and, at nightfall, among the steep gorges, sightseeing Walia and, the Semien Fox.

Day 01: ADDIS ABABA, in the morning city tour in Addis Ababa, visits Entoto Mountains, with a very nice view over the capital and church of St. Marry with adjacent museum of imperial objects. Then back to the city for the national museum overnight Addis Ababa htl.

Day 02: ADDIS ABABA – BAHIR DAR, early morning drive to Debre Libanos monastery, Portuguese bridge Blue Nile Gorge. It is spectacular Scenery, and keeps on driving through the farm land of Gojjam, late in the afternoon arrive in Bahir Dar, overnight in Bahir Dar hotel.

Day 03: BAHIR DAR – GONDAR - DEBARK, Just after breakfast drive to Gondar which was the 17th century Capital of Ethiopia founded by the King Fasiledes. After lunch break visit to the palace & the beautiful church of Debre Birhan Selassie with its wonderful Murals and paintings.

At last you will have the look of the village of Ethiopian Jews “The Felasha”. And continue driving and overnight Debark in a local hotel.

Day 04: DEBARK – SANKABER , 3,230m above sea level, start trekking to Sankaber, and The trek from Debark to Sankaber Takes 4 to 5 hours; it is primarily through cultivated areas. This is also a motorable road. Sankaber is on the boundary of the park. You can walk from the camp site to the edge of the Abyss, where you may get your first glimpse of the spectacular scenery. You may see Walia Ibex, the Sankaber area is one of the best places for getting a really close look at Geladas and Klipspringer may also be seen if you are lucky, and Overnight Camping.

Day 05 & 06: SANKABER - GEECH, 3,600m above sea level, from Sankaber to Geech the trip takes 3 to 4 hrs, through meadows and forests and some cultivated areas. Geech is worth a stay of at least for two days. There are several good lookout spots where one may see Walia, Gelada, and Klipspringer. There are views from Gidgergot. Quadadit 3,760 m 3,600m above sea level Seha and Emiet gogo , 3,930m 3,600m above sea level. Just east of Quadadit you will have a chance to see Columbus Monkey in the lowland Forests, if you have very good binoculars, Overnight Camping.

Day 07: GEECH - CHENEK, 3,600m above sea level, from Geech to Chenek the trek takes 4 to 5 hours. You may have to dismount and walk part of the way were the climb is steep. At Chenek the view is superb and there are many places for seeing Walia. There are also caves which can be explored, and Chenek is the only place where if you are extremely lucky you can see Rock Hyrax (Procavia Sp.) in local language ‘Shikoko’ the small mammal which looks like an overgrown rodent but which is, in fact, related to the elephant family, O/N Chenek camping.

Day 08: CHENEK - BWAHIT - CHENEK (4,430m), from Chenek to Bwahit the trek takes about five to six hours round trip, Bwahit is outside of the park boundary, overnight camping at Chenek.

Day 09: RETURN from BWAHIT to CHENEK, from Chenek the return will be directly to Sankaber it will take 4 to 5 hours, overnight camping at Sankaber.

Day 10: SANKABER - GONDAR, from Sankaber to Debark, the trek will take from 5 to 6 hours, and you will be picked by your car and drive to Gondar, overnight in a hotel.

Day 11: GONDAR - ADDIS ABABA, drive Gondar to Addis Ababa.



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