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TourMaz Ethiopia Tour is one of privately owned national tour operator established in the year 2009 G.C. The name “MAZ” refers to the first three letters of the name of the owner Mr. Mazengia and has a complementary meaning in Hamer tribes, when a young boy try to jump bulls to show that they are old enough to get married. In this process friends of the jumper will help each other in holding the bulls, and they call it “MAZ”.

We are expressing the motto of Ethiopia “a land of 13 months of sunshine” . Where our head office located on our building in Addis Ababa Bole Olympia, 500m from Olympia towards Meskel flower and work with the local community at the destinations to address globally demanded that tourism should be “pro-poor” to ensure the existence of sustainable environment, social, cultural values and mutual share of economical benefits.

We have sister companies which are engaged in hotel service (Yabello motel), car import, fuel stations (Yabello and Shashemene), and export of Gemstones that will facilitate our services delivery.

The staffs are highly qualified and experienced in Tourism Management and Ecotourism, well acquainted to the country’s indigenous natural, social and culture values, share an extensive knowledge and maintain the utmost respect of customers for mutual benefit and carry responsible tour operations.

Maz Ethiopia Tour offers a variety choice of well designed tailored or package tours based on individual and/or group requests.

Nature Based Tours

Adventure Tours,

Gemstone Tours (our company unique offer),



Rock climbing,

Honey harvesting and,

Coffee Tour

Historic and Cultural Tour

Historical Sites,

Traditional lifestyle and Festivals,

Pilgrimage tour,


Galleries and Handicrafts,

Study Tours,

Business and Conference Tour,

Holiday packages,

Hotel, lodges and any accommodations bookings and follow up,

Shuttle service, using variety of own up-to-date and fully insured fleet of vehicles with experienced Chauffeurs

Conference Facilities

We arrange conferences for large and small groups within Addis Ababa, African diplomatic city (AU & ECA halls) can accommodate for about 4500 participants at a time and in a reputable Hotels and Lodges that facilitate such arrangements.

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